Councillor Jim Grant at Okus Road
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Time for a Change in Swindon

 Over the last few weeks the people of Swindon will have seen the reasons why our town desperately needs a change of administration.

In the last two weeks we have discovered that Ofsted deem Swindon Council’s education system as “failing at all levels”; that the Council have put on notice of closure most of Swindon’s community libraries; and the town’s road network has become gridlocked because of the shabby work the Council did on Bruce Street Bridges.

Sign reading "Road ahead closed"
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Eastcott Highways and Road Improvements

Kingshill double yellow lines
I am pleased to announce that, at the request of local residents, the council has started consulting on plans to introduce double yellow lines on Sunnyside and Dunsford Road. The next step will be to issue a formal Traffic Regulation Order and then start the work once this is approved.

I have been following up with plans to get some yellow lines on Hillside and Bowood Road and the council has told me that they are working on a proposal following the feedback they have received.

Wichelstowe Canal
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Wichelstowe News

Divided Wichelstowe
Central South Swindon Parish includes Old Town, Eastcott, the Town Centre, Walcot, Parks, Lawn, Badbury Park and East Wichel. However, Middle and West Wichel have been assigned to the existing parish of Wroughton.

A petition is circulating asking for Wichelstowe to be kept in one piece, and there is a petition too available here. If 750 signatures are collected, the petition can be debated at a Council meeting in January.

SEQOL logo
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Labour Group Leader Response to SEQOL Owing SBC £726,000 When being Wound Up

The social enterprise previously running adult social services in Swindon, SEQOL, had to have £726,000 of agreed income written off by Swindon Borough Council in 2015/16.

The Labour Group Leader responded to the news that SEQOL owed the Council £726,000 when it folded, stating:

“This news shows the Conservative administration’s experiment to outsource our adult social care services to a private enterprise, has utterly failed at a big cost to the Swindon taxpayer. How can they ever say they deliver services efficiently when we have news like this?

Swindon Council Civic Offices
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Labour Group Leader Meet with Ofsted Directors

The Labour Group’s Leader and Spokesperson for Education, Councillors Jim Grant and Carol Shelley, met with Bradley Simmons (Regional Director for Ofsted) and Simon Rowe (Senior HMI) on Wednesday this week to discuss the problems with Swindon’s education system and how it can rebuild.

The Labour Group agreed with Ofsted’s assessment that the Council was too defensive and failing to understand the problems faced in Swindon’s education system.

Ofsted also said that the Council’s 2014 Education Improvement Strategy had the right objectives in it, but needed to be delivered.

Oasis Leisure Centre
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Court Order to “Wind Up” Morai Discovered

Morai Capital Investment (Swindon) Limited has received a court order for a petition to be wound up. A winding-up petition is an extremely serious statement of intent by a creditor in shutting down a company due to unpaid debts. It is the strongest action a creditor can take against a business and is often the natural next step in the debt-chasing process after a statutory demand for payment has gone unheeded.

It is to date unknown which creditor to Moirai Capital Investment (Swindon) Limited has filed a petition to wind up the company.

Conservative Councillor Dale Heenan in court
Residents Parking Sign
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Residents Parking Update

The council has reviewed the residents parking in Zones G and H, in our area. I delivered leaflets to all the affected streets and people responded to me saying they wanted the times extended. I’m pleased to say that these views have been taken on board and the recommendations are that both zones should be extended to 8am to 10pm Monday to Saturday; there will also be some changes to the limited waiting spaces which will make more spaces available for residents.

Swindon Borough Council Logo
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More Eastcott Housing Proposals

The council has demolished the children's nursery on Euclid Street and plan to build 7 three bedroom houses on the site.

Residents have raised concerns to me over the impact this development will have on residents parking. I have passed these concerns on to the planning department and they are looking to address them.

Great Western Hospital
Last updated 07/12/2016 by Fay Howard

Update from your Liden, Eldene and Park South Councillors

New Parish Councils
At the time of writing this article it looks certain that Swindon Borough Council will be introducing new parishes across Swindon and joining up Eldene and Liden with the current Nythe Parish. The Conservative Cabinet on the Council have said new parish councils will be providing services like street cleaning, grounds maintenance and fly-tipping collection. The Council have said that together with general Council-Tax increases, this will mean residents in non-parished areas will have their council-tax increased by more than £120, close to a 9% increase.

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