Councillors Abdul Amin, Steve Allsopp and Emma Bushell at Park Library
Swindon Council Civic Offices
Last updated 21/10/2016 by South Swindon Labour

Tory Council Continues with Introducing New Parish Councils

Tory-run Swindon Council has confirmed its plans to introduce new parish councils across Swindon, which will lead to residents being charged at least an extra £100 to their Council-tax bill.

The Conservative Cabinet on Swindon Council have proposed 3 new parishes and one dramatically enlarged parish, which will encompass the current non-parished areas of Swindon. These proposals are their final recommendations to the Full Council Meeting on 10th November, where all councillors will decide whether new parishes will be introduced.

Swindon Labour campaigners against Grammar Schools
Last updated 20/10/2016 by Jim Robbins

Unanswered Questions On Grammar Schools for Swindon

I was interested to read an article on the BBC website making the point that fewer than half of all grammar schools in the country use free-school-meals as part of their admissions process.

Councillors Emma Bushell, Steve Allsopp and Abdul Amin with 20 MPH sign
Last updated 20/10/2016 by Emma Bushell

Walcot West to Become 20 MPH Zone – Traffic Consultation Update

Councillors Steve Allsopp, Abdul Amin and Emma Bushell are pleased to announce that Walcot West will become a 20 MPH Zone after residents approved the plan.

79% of the 124 residents who replied to the Council’s Consultation were in favour of the proposals.

The scheme will go to formal advertisement by the end of November, with the aim of implementing the scheme by the end of the financial year.

However, proposed Limited Waiting in the streets off Burford Avenue will not be going ahead.

Matthew Courtliff with Labour councillors
Hand filling in a survey
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Government Discriminates Against Foreign National Families, through School Census Questionnaire

The government is forcing Swindon’s schools to get their non-white British families to disclose their child’s country of birth and nationality, as part of the 2016 School Census survey.

The Human Rights Group, Against Borders for Children have called on parents not to supply this information. The group also claims that such data could be used against families by Home Office immigration enforcement. Families can refuse to answer the census’s questions.

Swindon Borough Council Wheelie Bins
Last updated 18/10/2016 by South Swindon Labour

Labour Urge Residents to Check Their New Waste Collection Days

Labour Shadow Lead for Streetsmart, Chris Watts, is urging residents to check on the Swindon Council website to see if their waste and recycling collection dates will be changed. From the 31st October, Swindon Council is changing its waste and recycling collection routes which may be affecting you.

Swindon Council’s household waste and recycling collection times will remain fortnightly.

Labour Conference 2016
Last updated 07/10/2016 by Hayley Jackson

Labour Party Conference 2016 - Report From The Floor

Earlier this year, full of the giddy political excitement that I greet so many things with, I put myself forward as a nomination for this year’s Labour Party Delegate and was elected (though in fairness I should point out that no one stood against me…read of that what you will)!

The Old School, Euclid Street
Last updated 20/10/2016 by Emma Herring

Grammar Schools: Examining the Evidence

Since Theresa May became Prime Minister in July, grammar schools have once again become part of the national debate. A former grammar school pupil herself, May’s government is planning to lift the existing ban on selective schooling imposed in 1998. The arguments put forward in support of this system are that selective education boosts social mobility and provides an educational advantage to grammar school pupils. Does an examination of the evidence support these claims?

Public meeting on parishes in Old Town and Eastcott
Last updated 05/10/2016 by Nadine Watts

My views on Parishing: official consultation submission

I have submitted the following to the official consultation on the creation of new parishes in Swindon. For information on the proposals and an opportunity to submit your own views, please see the website here.


As a ward councillor for Old Town and East Wichel, I am still to find a single person who is in favour of parishing the non-parished areas of Swindon.

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